Korea Peace Walk 2017 jointly sponsored by the Korea Policy Institute (KPI) and Hella Organized Bay Area Koreans (HOBAK) with 21 peace and community groups in Oakland, CA.

December 2017

Dear Friends of the Korea Policy Institute,

This past year, the U.S. policy of “maximum pressure” toward North Korea, absent any attempt at “maximum engagement,” has brought the world perilously close to nuclear catastrophe. The danger is far from over. Ongoing threats by Donald Trump to unleash fire and fury against North Korea—coupled with his administration’s measures to implement an economic blockade of that country, to integrate South Korea into the U.S. missile defense system, and to carry out U.S.-South Korea-Japan war games that rehearse a nuclear first-strike against North Korea and the decapitation of its leadership—have only strengthened North Korea’s resolve to demonstrate its capability to strike back at the United States with nuclear force. In these perilous times, any theoretical middle ground between peace and nuclear war has evaporated.

With so much at stake, KPI’s work is more urgent than ever. We have dedicated our resources toward raising critical awareness and building a movement in this country for achieving a lasting peace on the Korean peninsula and ending the Korean War. Through timely articles, community educational forums, nationwide speaking tours of South Korean anti-militarism activists and labor organizers, and a U.S. peace delegation to South Korea, we have steadfastly offered critical historical and structural analysis of U.S.-Korea relations. In a media landscape distorted by a jingoistic disregard for the consequences of U.S. aggression abroad, KPI’s board members, advisers, and fellows have called for direct diplomacy with North Korea, without preconditions.

Central to KPI’s mission is building ties between grassroots organizations in the United States and South Korea. At the outset of 2017, KPI organized candlelight vigils across the nation in support of South Korea’s Candlelight Revolution. We co-sponsored a national speaking tour of South Korean Anti-THAAD activist and Won Buddhist minister, Reverend Sounghey Kim, and we collaborated with the University of Washington and UCLA in organizing a speaking tour of South Korean labor activist, Jinsook Kim. As a core member of the Taskforce to Stop THAAD in Korea, KPI co-sponsored a delegation of American peace activists, including Medea Benjamin of Code Pink, Reece Chenault of U.S. Labor Against the War, Will Griffin of Vets for Peace, Juyeon Rhee of KPI, and Jill Stein of the Green Party, USA, with the aim of building solidarity between U.S. peace groups and progressive movements in South Korea. And in November, when President Trump traveled to Asia hawking U.S. weapons, KPI partnered with HOBAK (Hella Organized Bay Area Koreans) in organizing a Korea Peace Walk supported by twenty local and national peace organizations.

In 2018, KPI will continue providing timely analysis, highlighting key trends in U.S.-Korea policy and developments on the ground in Korea, including struggles for economic justice, protests against militarization, the movement for self-determination and genuine security, and shifting prospects for peace in the Asia-Pacific region and for the peaceful reunification of Korea. We will sponsor forums, speaking tours, as well as a major peace conference at UCLA in the fall. By joining hands with progressive grassroots organizations here and in Korea, we will challenge the current march to war.

We are able to continue our work only with your support. Please join us in advocating for a redirection of U.S. policy from militarism to diplomacy in Asia and in supporting the struggles of the Korean people for democracy and peaceful reunification.

Best wishes for peace in the New Year,

Korea Policy Institute Board of Directors (Marty Hart-Landsberg, Christine Hong, Haeyoung Kim, Paul Liem, Juyeon Rhee, JT Takagi, Ji Yeon Yuh)

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