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A special report by the World Current Report Published by the International Strategy Center | November 2016 In an historic victory for the people the

Dying to succeed: The Public Worker’s Strike

By Dae-Han Song |  November 30, 2016 After nearly 22 years, unions went out on strike together, September 27, 2016. Sixty thousand members participated in

Love and Indignation: The (Hyundai) Yoosung Workers’ Fight

Dae-Han Song | July 17, 2016 On May 20th, at Han Gwang Ho’s altar in Seoul City Hall Plaza, I interviewed Kim Seung Suk, a

Chingusai: Fighting Seoul City Hall for Gay Human Rights

An Interview with Chingusai General Secretary Lee Jeong Geol By Dae Han Song* | February 26, 2015 Dae-Han Song visited the offices of Chingusai (“Between

Making History: Solidarity Against Disability Discrimination in South Korea

  And Happiness for All: An Interview with Kyung-Seok Park By Dae-han Song* | January 4, 2015 Interpretation by Jeong Eun Hwang On October 3,

Will Fight a Thousand Times Over:
The Power of a Mother

Making History: Minkahyup (Association of Families of those Fighting for Democratization) By Dae-han Song and Stephanie Park | December 23, 2014 Interpretation by Jeong Eun

A True Education: The Korean Teacher
and Educational Workers Union

An Interview with Ki Young Chung by Dae-Han Song | Oct 5, 2014  International Strategy Center Policy and Research Coordinator Dae-Han Song met with the

Taking Down Samsung’s No Union Policy:
The Samsung Electronics Service Union

An Interview with Sunyoung Kim by Dae-Han Song The International Strategy Center’s Policy and Research Coordinator Dae-Han Song and Communications Coordinator Hwang Jeong Eun met