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The Clown and the Rock

Trump’s incompetence and posturing threaten US credibility, with potentially dire consequences. By Tim Beal | December 21, 2017 “Back home, we have a saying: The

Abe Pulls It Off, But It Will End In Tears

By Tim Beal | November 2, 2017 Originally published in Zoom in Korea.   Japanese Prime Minister’s gamble in calling a snap election to harness

Is Trump Following a ‘Japan First’ Policy Against Kim Jong-un?

By Tim Shorrock | September 29, 2017 Published originally in The Nation.com In a speech that will long be remembered for its ugly belligerence, President

The U.S. Military’s Role in Asia in the Age of Trump

By Tim Shorrock  |  December 13, 2016 Originally published in Tomdispatch.com Despite the attention being given to America’s roiling wars and conflicts in the Greater

Looking in the right direction: Establishing a framework for analyzing the situation on the Korean Peninsula (and much more besides)

By Tim Beal | April 23, 2016 Paper prepared for KPI March 2016 webinar on “The Crisis in Korea” Hysteria, hypocrisy and self-harm amongst a

KPI Advisor Elaine Kim condemns Abe’s attempt to rewrite Japan’s role in sexual slavery

In an interview with CBS SF/Bay Area, noted author and filmmaker Elaine Kim, University of California, Berkeley Professor of Asian American Studies, called Japanese Prime

Turning Japan Back toward Militarism

Interview with Tim Shorrock, by Dennis J Bernstein | July 14, 2014 [Originally published in the Consortiumnews.com] The Obama administration’s much-touted “pivot” to Asia has

Japan’s Stealth Militarization

By John Feffer* | July 12, 2014 [Originally published in The Hankyoreh] Suicide is not unusual in Japan. In fact, the country has one of