Interview with Reece Chenault, U.S. Labor Against the War

By Paul Liem | September 9, 2017 This is the second in a series of interviews with the five-member U.S. Solidarity Peace Delegation to South Korea

Women Workers and the Fight to Eradicate Precarious Labor in South Korea

By Hyun Lee | September 5, 2017   Irregular women workers—part-time and/or short-term contract workers without job security or benefits—are emerging as the new face

S Korean Progressives Launch New Party to Complete ‘Candlelight Revolution’

By Zoom in Korea | August 5, 2017 “The people who were at the forefront of the candlelight revolution that ousted Park Geun-hye need to

The Struggle for Worker’s Rights in South Korea

Wednesday April 19, 2017, 7:00 – 9:30 PM University Lutheran Chapel, 2425 College Ave., Berkeley, CA Featuring Labor Activist Jinsook Kim, and Screening of Island

Dying to succeed: The Public Worker’s Strike

By Dae-Han Song |  November 30, 2016 After nearly 22 years, unions went out on strike together, September 27, 2016. Sixty thousand members participated in

Love and Indignation: The (Hyundai) Yoosung Workers’ Fight

Dae-Han Song | July 17, 2016 On May 20th, at Han Gwang Ho’s altar in Seoul City Hall Plaza, I interviewed Kim Seung Suk, a

Union-Led Popular Protests Push to Oust South Korean President

By Hyun Lee and Gregory Elich | December 8, 2015 Originally published in Labor Notes Massive protests have rocked South Korea’s capital city of Seoul

In South Korea, a Dictator’s Daughter Cracks Down on Labor

By Tim Shorrock | December 3, 2015 Originally published in The   Following in the footsteps of her dictator father, South Korea’s President, Park

Political And Economic Struggle In South Korea

By Martin Hart-Landsberg | November 30, 2015 from his blog: Reports from the Economic Front Tens of thousands are expected to gather in Seoul on

South Korean Labor Strikes Back:
Interview with KCTU president Han Sang-gyun

By Hyun Lee | November 12, 2015 Co-published with Foreign Policy in Focus Standing in the way of South Korean President Park Geun-hye’s series of