National Security Law

The Movement That Ousted Park Geun-hye Must Continue

By Hyun Lee |  May 8, 2017 Originally published in Zoom in Korea The Movement That Ousted Park Geun-hye Must Continue War threats before a

In South Korea, a Dictator’s Daughter Cracks Down on Labor

By Tim Shorrock | December 3, 2015 Originally published in The   Following in the footsteps of her dictator father, South Korea’s President, Park

The Korean War, Anticommunism, and the Korean American Community

By Namhee Lee | October 13, 2015 | [1] In collaboration with the Korea Policy Institute, Legacies of the Korean War, an online oral-history project

In South Korea, Preaching Peace
Is Now a Deportable Offense

A Korean American Housewife Confronts South Korea’s National Security Law By Hyun Lee* | January 27, 2015 Originally published in Foreign Policy in Focus and

Will Fight a Thousand Times Over:
The Power of a Mother

Making History: Minkahyup (Association of Families of those Fighting for Democratization) By Dae-han Song and Stephanie Park | December 23, 2014 Interpretation by Jeong Eun