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The Movement That Ousted Park Geun-hye Must Continue

By Hyun Lee |  May 8, 2017 Originally published in Zoom in Korea The Movement That Ousted Park Geun-hye Must Continue War threats before a

In South Korea, War Hysteria Is Seen as an American Problem

Tim Shorrock | April 17, 2017 Originally published in the Gwangju, South Korea—When I arrived at Incheon International Airport near Seoul on April 2

A Candlelight Revolution

By the International Strategy Center| January 2017   Sitting in Gwanghwamun square, the screen rapidly dialed up to 10,000,000 as it added up the number


A special report by the World Current Report Published by the International Strategy Center | November 2016 In an historic victory for the people the

The Struggle Against THAAD Deployment

  Korea Policy Institute with Zoom in Korea | August 7, 2016 The United States and South Korea announced an agreement in July to deploy

Continuing Struggle In South Korea

By Martin Hart-Landsberg | December 20, 2015 Previously published in Reports from the Economic Front You wouldn’t know it from reading the mainstream press in

Sewol Ferry Families Still Wait for Answers One Year Later

KPI | April 23, 2015 A year has passed since the tragic April 16th, 2014 sinking of the Sewol Ferry in South Korea, which left

In South Korea, Preaching Peace
Is Now a Deportable Offense

A Korean American Housewife Confronts South Korea’s National Security Law By Hyun Lee* | January 27, 2015 Originally published in Foreign Policy in Focus and

“Today Is the Day Democracy Is Murdered”:
Wave of Repression Sweeps South Korea

By Gregory Elich* | January 5, 2015 [Originally Published in MRZINE, December 29, 2014] On December 19, the South Korean Constitutional Court delivered a devastating

Erosion of Democracy in South Korea: The Dissolution of the Unified Progressive Party
and the Incarceration of Lee Seok-ki

By Hyun Lee | December 28, 2014 Originally published in the Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus On December 19, 2014, South Korea’s Constitutional Court delivered an