Honoring the Candlelight Revolution in a Time of Looming War in Korea

Jang Jinsook | September 17, 2017 Jang Jinsook, Director of Planning of the Minjung Party of South Korea, presented the following two-part speech at the

Let the Peace Games Begin

By Christine Ahn | August 28,2016 Originally published in Foreign Policy In Focus The Olympic games in Rio have ended, and now another set of

Korean Americans Are Reclaiming Their History Through Culture

  By Ramsay Liem and Christine Hong | October 30, 2015 Co-published with Foreign Policy in Focus and Legacies of the Korean War. Legacies of

Silenced No More: Korean Americans Remember the “Forgotten War”

By Ramsay Liem |  October 2015 This article was published by both Korea Policy Institute and Legacies of the Korean War, an new online oral-history

A Report from the Field: Defending One Korea
at the U20 Women’s World Cup

By Hyun Lee and Betsy Yoon | August 22, 2014 On a Tuesday in early August, North Korea’s women’s soccer team defeated Finland 2 to