South Korea

The Unending Korean War: W.E.B Du Bois, Ko Un, and the Women’s Peace Walk

By John R. Eperjesi* | April 20, 2015 [Originally published by TheWorldPost | April 15, 2015] May 24, 2015 is International Women’s Day for Disarmament.

Chingusai: Fighting Seoul City Hall for Gay Human Rights

An Interview with Chingusai General Secretary Lee Jeong Geol By Dae Han Song* | February 26, 2015 Dae-Han Song visited the offices of Chingusai (“Between

The US-ROK Military Alliance: South Korea Caught in NATO’s Web

By Gregory Elich* | February 25, 2015 [Originally published in Global Research, February 16, 2015] In recent years, the nature of the U.S.-South Korean military

“Today Is the Day Democracy Is Murdered”:
Wave of Repression Sweeps South Korea

By Gregory Elich* | January 5, 2015 [Originally Published in MRZINE, December 29, 2014] On December 19, the South Korean Constitutional Court delivered a devastating

Making History: Solidarity Against Disability Discrimination in South Korea

  And Happiness for All: An Interview with Kyung-Seok Park By Dae-han Song* | January 4, 2015 Interpretation by Jeong Eun Hwang On October 3,

Erosion of Democracy in South Korea: The Dissolution of the Unified Progressive Party
and the Incarceration of Lee Seok-ki

By Hyun Lee | December 28, 2014 Originally published in the Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus On December 19, 2014, South Korea’s Constitutional Court delivered an

Will Fight a Thousand Times Over:
The Power of a Mother

Making History: Minkahyup (Association of Families of those Fighting for Democratization) By Dae-han Song and Stephanie Park | December 23, 2014 Interpretation by Jeong Eun

A True Education: The Korean Teacher
and Educational Workers Union

An Interview with Ki Young Chung by Dae-Han Song | Oct 5, 2014  International Strategy Center Policy and Research Coordinator Dae-Han Song met with the

Taking Down Samsung’s No Union Policy:
The Samsung Electronics Service Union

An Interview with Sunyoung Kim by Dae-Han Song The International Strategy Center’s Policy and Research Coordinator Dae-Han Song and Communications Coordinator Hwang Jeong Eun met

On the Sixty-First Anniversary of the Korean War Armistice: Democracy’s Retreat in South Korea

Dennis J. Kucinich | August 9, 2014 Originally published in Kyunghyang Shinmun On July 27, 2014, the 61st anniversary of the signing of the Korean