Tim Shorrock

North and South Korea Talk, but Is Trump in the Way?

  Interview with Tim Shorrock by Aaron Maté |  January 5, 2018 From the RealNews.com  See the interview.   AARON MATÉ: It’s The Real News,

Koreans Protest Trump as the US Congress Tries to Restrain Him

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The United States and North Korea Are Edging Into Increasingly Dangerous Territory

By Tim Shorrock | October 29, 2017 Originally published in The Nation.com “There’s battle lines being drawn,” Stephen Stills sang in the 1960s about the

The Gwangju Uprising and North Korea: What We Can Learn From Declassified Documents

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Is Trump Following a ‘Japan First’ Policy Against Kim Jong-un?

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Diplomacy With North Korea Has Worked Before, and Can Work Again

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How Sony, Obama, Seth Rogen and the CIA Secretly Planned to Force Regime Change in North Korea

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The Only Sensible Way Out of the North Korea Crisis

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Cataclysmic Risks of North Korean Crisis

By Dennis J Bernstein | August 18, 2017 Originally published in Consortiumnews.com Many Asia experts are concerned that the war of words between President Trump

China Is Not the Answer to North Korea

By Tim Shorrock | August 3, 2017 Originally published in Lobelog Foreign Policy.   From President Trump to Capitol Hill, there is only way short